Privacy Policy

This webpage holds the potential privacy policy of the company, which has been formulated in order to pledge our customers with the commitment of providing absolute privacy. This evidences the adherence of Data Protection Commissioner’s code of conduct in regards to the collectors of data

Who we are

The website you have been visiting is individualized and managed by CATER HOMES.

Information we collect

CATER HOMES asks its clients about their full name, contact number, postal code and Email address. We hold your personal information with great care, thereby secure this information only in internal mediums, and do not pass it any third party. The reason behind collecting this information is to ensure the business integrity and with an aim to cope up with you in future deals as well. We also write to you about the timely information with respect to our promotional packages company is offering to its respective customer.

Making amendments in your information

We facilitate our client with a facility to amend or remove their details at any time. You can also ask us for the amendments or deletion of data by simply writing us at [email protected]


Any change or upgrading in company’s privacy policy will be acknowledged to our customers at first instance.

Terms and conditions

The content carried by this website is managed and controlled by CATER HOMES, a company based in London. In order to assess this website you are subjected to the terms and conditions mentioned below. Moreover, by assessing a website you agree to the terms and conditions referred.


CATER HOMES is obliged to maintain the contents of this website, and the information integrated on it are taken as the "as is" basis; regardless to any form of representation and/or endorsement being made, excluding any kind of warranty; any form of applicable warranties in regards to satisfactory quality that suits with the particular purpose, compatibility, non- violation, security and approximately. To the degree enabled by law, all the respective terms as well as warranties are hereby eliminated. Moreover, CATER HOMES will not be liable in any event (either integrated with any contract or tort (such as breach or negligence of constitutional duty) or in any other situation) regarding any losses arising from the or in regards to use of CATER HOMES website incorporating, limitation less, economic, loss of profits, consequential, loss of data or loss of goodwill (in any possible way) nor any indirect, or special loss
CATER HOMES does not claim the accuracy, comprehensiveness, verification or absoluteness of the information n provided on the website and thus will be entertain any liability with respect to the accuracy and the absoluteness of the information displayed on this website or in case of any dependence by anyone
CATER HOMES does not entertain the warranty that the materials available or the functions present on this website will be continuous or are error free, bugs will be removed or the website/server presenting are virus free or facilities completeness of the functionality, reliability of materials and accuracy. The company will not be responsible if the client is unable to access the CATER HOMES website.
In case, nay of these terms and conditions counted to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable due to the laws enforcement of any state or country where these terms are considered to be effective, thus to be degree of measures such as invalidity, illegality or unenforceability, and with the association of the state or country.
These terms and conditions do not exclude CATER HOMES accountability for death or any causality due to CATER HOMES negligence.

Intellectual Property

Either over all intellectual property rights that are registered or not in any information, data, materials data, content or processes hold by this or to this website is under CATER HOMES supervision or to licensed source. CATER HOMES hereby reserves all the rights.
No content or section of this website can be redeveloped in a substantial form (involving the storage of the content by or in any electronic medium) except in case where the copyright owner gives the permission. You have an option to safe a single copy on any one computer website for the personal use only but keeping in mind that all copyright as well as associated proprietary notices are integrated.

Links to other websites

The website for the CATER HOMES contains hypertext links that leads the user to the websites that are operated and managed by third parties in order to access reference and information. CATER HOMES is not liable for such websites and thus will not accept any responsibility regarding the material presented by these websites. The existence of these links is not for any recommendation of the website or any form of information or advice by CATER HOMES. Without the prior written consent by CATER HOMES, no hypertext links to any website can be created.

The Properties

Laws are not proposed to constitute part of an offer or contract. No portrayal or data given about the properties or their quality, whether composed or oral or not on this site ("Information") might be depended upon as an announcement of representation or actuality. Neither CATER HOMES nor its operators have any power to make representation and in like manner, any information is given completely without obligation with respect to CATER HOMES. The majority of the photos, stills and PC created pictures demonstrated are characteristic and can't be ensured to speak to the complete insides of the plan. Any ranges, estimations or separations given are rough as it were. Try not to scale from any of the drawings. Any reference to modifications to or utilization of any part of the properties is not an announcement that any essential arranging, building controls or other assent has been gotten. These matters must be confirmed by any expecting purchaser/tenant. Any proposing purchaser/renter must fulfill himself by examination or generally with regards to the accuracy of any data given. The properties delineated on this site are inherent an assortment of various plans that have been shown by specialists' impressions, PC produced (CGIs) and photos. Specialists' impressions and CGIs are drawn from a nonexistent perspective inside an open space region and are proposed to give an impression of the outline. The photos are of existing structures as well as tests from maker's writing are proposed to demonstrate normal structures. Neither the craftsman's impressions, nor the CGIs nor the photos give a precise portrayal of a property, its settings or environment.

Floor Plans

The areas and dimensions depicted on the internal layout plans are estimated, as each property is constructed independently and so the estimated internal measurements might differ with the buildings.